Red Mohican Gymbox - 39" Cube Activity Play Center

Red Mohican Gymbox - 39" Cube Activity Play Center
Item# GYM10000

Product Description

The GYMBOX, is a challenging 17 piece soft play motor activity center for babies and toddlers that provides an indoor movement and activity environment.

GYMBOX is designed to provide a variety of activities to enhance the development of motor skills, coordination, sense of balance and emotional and social skills in toddlers.

The cube spreads into six squares and forms a playground of different elements: A ball pit, different sized rolls, rockers, steps, a climb and slide slope, a tunnel and balancing pieces

GYMBOX is unique for its compact cube packaging, which is intended and especially designed for home use. The separate pieces Velcro together into a box, and can be pulled apart to play in different combinations.

GYMBOX is based on the principles and basics of child development, which are the developmental milestones from birth to childhood.

GYMBOX accompanies the parent and toddler in the first stages of growing up: rolling over, crawling, sitting, standing, cruising and walking while also stimulating visual and spatial perception, fine motor skills, cognition, sharing and playing, sense of capability and self confidence.

GYMBOX is a modular cube, available in two sizes, 32" and 39".

Recommended for ages 3-6. The GYMBOX is fun for children up to the age of 6 +.


Closed: 39 inches square.

Open: 156 inches x 117 inches of floor space.

Plastic balls are not included.