Peg Perego High Chair 5pt Harness - Navy

Peg Perego High Chair 5pt Harness - Navy
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Product Description

This is a 5-point "Suspender" Style high chair harness meant for older chairs (usually pre-2002). This is for a harness/seat belt system only. The cushion is not included. Cushions are sold separately.

If you have an older chair (usually pre-2002) that originally had only a 3pt harness system, you will need the 5pt "suspender" style replacement harness, as you will not have shoulder harness openings in the back of the seat. It is worn directly on the child like suspenders and does not pass through the seat back. It attaches to the chair in 3 places, over each hip and between the legs. The "suspender" style harness is only available in Navy.

If you have a Chair newer than 2002 you probably want the newer 5-point harness that goes through the cushion and clips to the back of the chair. The newer style harness is available here--> Newer Style Harness Link

This "suspender" style harness will work with the newer chairs but it will not clip to the back of the chair like the newer harness does.